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Carla Stickler

Wicked  (Elphaba standby: Broadway, 1st National Tour)

"Having quit singing after a serious operation on my vocal cords, I found Will. Will helped me find my voice again. On many occasions when it was all too overwhelming, Will helped me pick myself up and keep singing. He knew exactly when to push me and when to get me out of my head. His technique has definitely stayed with me all these years."

Jon Bass

Book of Mormon (Elder Cunningham, Broadway, 1st National Tour)

"I wouldn't be on Broadway if it wasn't for Will. He taught me how to use my voice to the best of its abilities. His honest attitude and unwavering work ethic is infectious and made me not only want to be a better singer but be a better person, too. I thank Will in the Book of Mormon Playbill and I thank him in life for teaching me how to use my voice."

Sandra DeNise

Kinky Boots, Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder, Bright Star (Broadway)

"After being on the road with several national tours, it had been years since I had taken a voice lesson. Thank goodness I discovered Will! He got my technique back in shape and helped me update my book. It was a relief to have someone I trusted to coach me for auditions. In fact, he was a major contributing factor in my booking Kinky Boots. I don't think of him as just my voice teacher, he also my friend."

Clyde Voce

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Willy Wonka u/s, Broadway National Tour), The Color Purple (Swing u/s Mister, Broadway 1st National Tour), Rock of Ages (Major/Ja'Keith, Vegas Company), Sister Act (ens. u/s Curtis, Eddie, TJ, Broadway 2nd National Tour)

"Will is the BEST. Hands down. Through his incredible intuition, knowledge, patience and skilled approach, he will strengthen/build your technique and enhance the originality and quality of YOUR voice without stripping away the essence of YOU allowing more freedom onstage and at auditions! SO, are you ready to be at the TOP of your game? Want to be able to switch from Rock of Ages to Ragtime with ease and confidence? Yes? Great. Will Bryan. Get into it."

Stephanie Bissonnette

Mean Girls (Broadway)

"I used to consider myself someone only able to fill a dance track. In the last three years I have confidently played numerous roles regionally and I’m so proud to be belting in Mean Girls on Broadway 8 times a week! None of this would have been possible without Will!"

Brad Giovanine

Great Comet (Broadway)

"I wouldn't be the singer I am today without Will. He gave me my voice back. Will came into my life during a massive personal and artistic upheaval. I was no longer interested in sounding like every other 5’ 8’’ baritone and knew I was traversing a vocal plateau. My range felt limited. I needed help. Now, I say with confidence that I wouldn’t be the singer I am today without Will. We worked together to find the core of my sound and expand on it, literally giving me my voice back. Training with Will has given me a foundation and technique that is healthy, and practically effortless. I don’t worry about where I’m at today, I just SING. The artist I am is strongly rooted in my vocal quality, and that is 100% a result of Will’s keen ear and insane knowledge of the voice. Thank you simply isn’t enough…but…THANK YOU WILL!"

Jerusha Cavazos

The Prom (Broadway)

Will Bryan is an amazing vocal technician and coach. He looks at the specific way you learn and tailors his teaching from that. Will helped me book my Broadway debut gig in my first year in NYC and I've learned to trust his expert advice!

Ashley Mortensen

Les Misérables (Ensemble/Female Swing: Broadway), Wicked (Elphaba Understudy/Ensemble: 1st National Tour)

Will is a listener. He hears that thing in your voice that makes it uniquely your own and slowly but surely pulls it out. By the time you've keyed into his wizardry, you are a fined tuned, confident performer with the tools necessary to continually discover aspects of your instrument you never thought possible.  Will is honest. You trust his opinion because he understands this industry and won't allow you to get stuck in your head. He challenges you, supports you, encourages you and genuinely cares about you. He has changed the way I look at my talent; you are not just a voice, you are a collection of experiences and only you can do what you do. Will allows you to trust that that is enough. 

Kristin Yancy

Summer (Disco Donna u/s, Broadway)

"It's not an exaggeration to say that my first lesson with Will was a life changing moment. Looking back, the change from that moment on-- in my range, my tone, and my ability-- is honestly shocking. Will gave me the technical help I needed to grow, made me sensitive to using my voice healthfully, and believed in my own unique talent even when I was struggling with doubt. Now, whenever a friend confides in me about feeling vocally "stuck," I know exactly where to send them-- to Will Bryan."

Joey Barreiro

Newsies (Jack Kelly, Broadway National Tour), A Bronx Tale (Calogero, Broadway Nation Tour)

Will helped me address my technical inconsistencies, and in doing so, freed me to be an actor even when I sing the hard stuff. Now, I rarely worry about what's going to come out of my mouth, even when feeling less than 100%, because of the strong foundation that Will and I have built together. So often it takes one little adjustment to make a world of difference, and Will is one of those voice teachers with the uncanny ability to zone in on the problem and immediately come up with a solution. 

Celine Rosenthal

Tony-nominated producer (Leap of Faith)

"Will Bryan is the only voice teacher I trust. Period."

Sam Tanabe

Allegiance (Broadway)

"Studying with Will, I have developed a confidence in my voice that I never imagined I could. I have so much faith in Will as a teacher and his understanding of the voice. It is so important for me to have a voice teacher whom I can trust. I trust Will with my voice, and together we break down barriers that have helped me achieve my dreams of performing across the country and on Broadway. With him, my technique has grown tremendously, and it continues to grow as we keep working together. The coachings he gives always make me a more confident performer before I head into an audition, and that feeling of being prepared is priceless. I appreciate all of the tough love and reassuring support he gives to make me my best."

Alex Pernice

Anastasia (Broadway), An American in Paris (Ensemble, Milo u/s, Broadway National Tour), Phantom of the Opera (Ensemble, Meg u/s, Broadway National Tour)

"I can say with 100% certainty that without Will Bryan I would not be where I am today. My work with Will over the past five years  has been incomparable. I have grown more than I ever thought possible. My lessons are always efficient, and he has the right balance between praise, constructive criticism and execution. With Will you get everything: technique, rep, and coaching all in one hour."

Lindsay Roberts

Porgy and Bess (Clara u/s, Broadway National Tour), Memphis (Felicia u/s, 2nd National Tour)

"Working with Will Bryan was the smartest decision I made when launching my NYC career. His solid and unfailing technique has grown me into a versatile and widely marketable singer in all genres from opera to Broadway. I trust him with my voice, my career, and in him have found not only a voice teacher, but a friend"

Sarah Schenkkan

Wicked (Glinda standby: 1st National Tour)

"I am so incredibly grateful to have met Will. From our first lesson I trusted him immediately - not just with my voice itself, but with my vocal insecurities and career goals. I have never felt more supported and challenged by any voice teacher, and the proof is in the pudding: since I've started studying with Will, my range has increased, my mix-belt has gotten stronger, and my vocal stamina easily gets me through my 8-show weeks. The color and quality of my voice is the best it's ever been.

When anyone asks me for teacher recommendations, I send them to Will without hesitation. He has absolutely changed my life and my voice, and I consider him a trusted friend and confidante as well as a teacher."

Aubrey Mae Davis

Catch Me If You Can (Brenda, National Tour)

"Will Bryan and his teachings, with no exaggeration, changed my life. From our very first lesson I experienced the depths of which his lessons could reach. The way he teaches to each individual is unparalleled. Will speaks not only to the voice itself, but to the singers mental and emotional connection to it, truly providing a fully rounded approach to a consistently strong vocal technique. I am unbelievably thankful to have found Will Bryan and would be nowhere near the singer I am today without his priceless lessons."

Ryan Steer

Anything Goes (1st National Tour)

"Will is simply incredible. When he first saw me, I was so confused about my ideas of singing. I was feeling blocked, frustrated, and felt I had no real vocal identity. Will changed the way I thought about singing in just a few lessons. He got me out of my head and confidently making sounds that were easy, healthy, and sounded like me. To say that I'm so happy with my progress with Will is an understatement. I cannot stop singing! My roommates, cast mates in Anything Goes!, and neighbors thank him."

Bridie Carrol

Wicked (Madam Morrible understudy, 2nd National Tour)

"I had about 6 weeks between my Wicked contracts to deal with some vocal issues I had been having. Will was recommended to me numerous times so I picked up the phone and in 6 lessons found my voice again. No matter what state I was in vocally or mentally Will managed to get the best out of me and get me back in shape to get back on the road. His patience, demeanor, knowledge, guidance, and instruction are priceless to me and I'm so grateful to have him as my teacher and friend."

Tim Connell

Spamalot (Sir Robin, 1st National Tour)

"lWithout question, under Will's guidance, I came in contact with a fuller understanding and experience of my voice. Prior to Will, I would experience constant fatigue and strain. Since working with him, the fatigue or strain have disappeared. It is because of him that I sing from a healthy and grounded place. Thank you Will!"

Meetu Chilana

Zarkana (Cirque Du Soleil, Radio City Music Hall)

"When I started with Will I had a range of about an octave and half, and my head and chest voice were on two different planets. I could not ask for a better mentor to guide me in keeping my voice healthy through the extreme variety of music I sing. I now use all 3 octaves of my range seamlessly. Whether I'm performing Indian folk songs, soulful pop, Jazz standards, classic Broadway, or the crazy vocalese of Cirque du Soleil, Will has given me the tools to use my voice to its fullest potential in ANY situation. He is a master at his craft and my trusted guru."

Katie Barton Hope

Million Dollar Quartet (1st National Tour)

"It may sound dramatic, but Will literally changed my life. I was ready to believe that I wasn't meant to be a singer, and then fate led me to Will. What I love most about working with Will is that he is so honest with me that he won't allow me to get in my own way anymore. I also really appreciate how goal-oriented he is. In my first lesson we made a list of short and long term goals and that has kept us very focused from week to week. He has helped me to discover a voice I truly never knew I possessed. I had not auditioned in two years, but after working with Will for 6 months I booked the national tour of Million Dollar Quartet. I can honestly say that wouldn't have happened without his expertise, his sense of humor and his friendship."

Alan Filderman

Casting Director, NYC (Broadway, Once on this Island, Master Cass, Marie Christine)

"I'm so proud that my friend Will Bryan has become one of the foremost vocal coaches in the business. He is a technical expert and knows how to prep actor/singers for specific auditions. It's always a pleasure to audition one of his singers."

Doug Cohen

Award Winning Composer

"Will Bryan is one of the most knowledgeable vocal teachers working today. His students have excellent and healthy voices due to his strong tutelage and technique. I share space with Will at The Voice Studio and am consistently impressed with his students' development. I also studied with Will and found him to instructive, patient, and inspiring."

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