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Katie Barton Hope

Million Dollar Quartet (1st National Tour)

"It may sound dramatic, but Will literally changed my life. I was ready to believe that I wasn't meant to be a singer, and then fate led me to Will.&nbsp;What I love most about working with Will is that he is so honest with me that he won't&nbsp;allow me to get in my own way anymore. I also really appreciate how goal-oriented he is. In my first lesson we made a list of short and long term goals and that has kept us very focused from week to week. He has helped me to discover a voice I truly never knew I possessed. I had not auditioned in two years, but after working with Will for 6 months I booked the national tour of Million Dollar Quartet. I can honestly say that wouldn't have happened without his expertise, his sense of humor and his friendship."

Katie Barton Hope
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